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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Boys and Girls Teams Qualify for State Finals!

WOW.  What a run. What a race.  What a season.

I'd like to meet with parents on Sunday, Oct. 30th at 3:00pm in the old Fisherman's Inn parking lot (closest to Rt. 47 intersection) to talk about some things that I need you to know.  Please let other parents from our team know.

We will only have about a 20 minute meeting, but there are some things that I need to cover so that all are on the same page for Saturday's historic run in Peoria.

I will update the blog with directions and such for families.  Please ask your runner if they've received any important (additional) papers from coaches during the week.

Right now, we plan to leave KHS on Friday between 10 and 11 am.  More specifics will be shared at the meeting on Sunday.  As always, please email if you have questions.

Way to go, Boys and Girls!  So proud of all of you.

Sectional Directions and Info

BUS TIME IS 7:00 AM!  Leaves at 7:15.

Belvidere HS is hosting our Sectional this weekend.  The girls race is at 10, and the boys run at 11, just like last weekend.  There will be an unofficial open for our boys to run the course, if they would like.  It will start at roughly 11:35.

Directions:  You can take 47 North to the 4 way stop in Starks that you'd turn LEFT at, to get to the Marengo Truck Stop, and entrance to I-90 WEST.  Take I-90 WEST to Genoa Road Exit and turn right so you are heading North on Genoa Road.  (wait... for further instructions...)

You can also head west on IL 64 to IL 23 in Sycamore (Turn right, heading North) at the courthouse.  Stay on IL 23 until it ends at the stoplight/McDonald's in Genoa, and then turn LEFT.  This should be 72.  Only on this road about 90 seconds or so, to travel through Genoa.  There's a Dollar General Store on your right, you will take the RIGHT HAND ANGLED TURN ONTO GENOA ROAD (which has another name like W. Main Street.???).  Stay on Genoa Road through farm country for more than 10 miles.  When you cross over I-90... you're getting close.

Further Instructions:  Option A:  After I 90, you will see a stoplight or two ahead.  You will want to get into the left hand turn lane at GRANT HIGHWAY.  (This is Rt. 20 west, but it's labeled as Grant Highway).  Turn LEFT onto GRANT Highway and go 1/4 mile to next stoplight (East Street?).  Do you see the high school on your right?   Turn Right at this first stoplight and head north to the high school property.  Parking is $5 per carload.

Option B:  Don't turn left onto Grant.  Take the NEXT left hand turn when staying on Genoa Road, where you should see a big red school building on your left.  The front of the middle school where we have our team camp is on this street, and if you're not afraid of a little longer walk, you might get out of paying the $5 for parking.

If you get lost, call Coach Clarey's cell or Coach Baron's.

Top 5 teams advance.  Go Knights!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sterling JV Meet Directions

Tuesday's meet in Sterling starts with a Freshmen Race at 4:30pm.  Following this race, there will be a JV Open for sophs to seniors.  Awards will follow, and then we will stop for food on the way home.

Directions:  Take I 88 West to IL 26 in Dixon.  Turn right when coming off the exit ramp.  Take 26 through town, and over the river.  Immediately after the river, there is a McDonald's on the left, TURN LEFT AT MC DONALDS.  You will be on IL 2, heading west.  Stay on IL 2 for about 11 miles.  When coming into Sterling's west edge of town, you will pass many restaurants.  When you get to McDonald's, you will see Woodlawn Road.  TURN LEFT AT MC DONALDS AGAIN!  You will be on Woodlawn Road for about a mile.  The Woodlawn Arts Center will be on your right (looks like an old elementary school).  The course is immediately behind this Arts Center.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Regional Meet Helpers

Please remember that there will be a mandatory meeting for families wanting to work and park at the meet.  We will meet on Friday afternoon at 4pm.  We will go over the various jobs that need to be covered, including t-shirt sales, awards help, and course marshals.  We want to cover these roles, answer all questions, and prepare the finishing touches on the course.

Anyone available to come earlier than 4 should bring rakes and leaf blowers to take care of the leaves and nuts on the course.  The boys will be finished with their brief workout, and are knowledgeable of what needs to be done.  Having the tools would be great!

Hope you can join us. 

Those families who are not able to make the meeting, are still invited to park at the Markuson's house on Saturday.  They are the fifth driveway on the right hand side of Saddlewood Drive.  They request that you come up their long driveway and park in the grass.  No parking on the street, please.

Conference Meet on Saturday

Reminder that we are heading to Geneseo for the Conference Championships this weekend.  Trip could take close to 2 hours to get there, so plan ahead.  Girls Varsity Race is first, at 10am.  Boys Varsity runs at 10:45, FS Boys run at noon, and Open Boys race at 1:15.  We will stop for food on the way home.

Directions:  I 88 West to Joplin Exit on Route 92.  Go left, or east.  Turn right (heading south) at Route 82, towards Geneseo.  Proceed through town until you come to Route 6, and turn right (heading west).  Go across the small bridge and turn left on Stewart Street.  (Go straight up the hill).  At the stop sign, turn right and park.

Course is at Richmond Hill Park

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Byron Directions

Driving Directions to Byron:

Take 88 West to Interstate 39/51 North.

Exit 39/51 North at the ILLINOIS 72 exit, and turn right, heading WEST.

Stay on IL 72 all the way to Byron.  You will arrive at a 4 way stop sign where you will see the nuclear reactors, and you could turn right to cross a bridge and enter town.  DON'T TURN, GO STRAIGHT!

Stay on 72 for about 400 more meters, and then look for an entrance to the Byron Forest Preserve on your LEFT.  Enter the park and take the road all the way up the hill and to the back of the park.  We will be by the pavillion.

Boys Varsity race is at 4:50.  Boys Open will be at 5:20.  We will stay for dinner following the race.  Coaches are providing sandwiches and drinks.  Boys are to bring chips and/or a dessert.