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The purpose of this blogsite is to allow full access to the team, practices, history, and future events. Please check back with this blog throughout the summer and fall for new updates on the team. Feel free to share it with friends and family who follow the program!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Saturday Breakfast Runs Scheduled!

The first Saturday Breakfast Run is set for this week (on June 30th), at John Meisenger's house.  Please join John for a morning run at 8:00am, followed by breakfast provided by his family.  The Meisenger Family can be found in Sugar Grove, at 708 Stonehill Court.  Phone contact information includes the family home number: 630-466-5020, and John's cell is 630-301-9051, should families have any further questions.

Remember that the Johnson and Albano Families are hosting a Saturday Breakfast Run on July 21st, in Elburn.  And Joe and Will Kuipers will host a run on Saturday, July 28th at 7:00am.  You can find the Kuipers at 1N318 Watson Road, in Maple Park (which is about 2 miles or less from KHS).

Our summer runners are encouraged to join their teammates and fellow campers on these days, to continue to build their base, work toward team cohesion, and put some carbs back in the tank after a strong week of training.  This is one more way that our families continue to promote, support, and enjoy being part of the Kaneland Cross Country Community.  Thank you VERY much!

Mondays at Waubonsee: PARKING CHANGE

We have been meeting in the south parking lot at Waubonsee Community College during the first three weeks of our summer conditioning camp.  Starting next week (7/2), we will park by the tennis courts.
The reason for this change is because we are going to try and take advantage of more open grass areas, near where we start and finish our runs, for more stretching, form work, core, and other activities.  Additionally, this move makes it easier for all of our runners to manage their workloads, with a few "close to home" loops where coaches can supervise things better.

Please look for the coaches, campers and cars by the tennis courts on the NORTH END OF CAMPUS, starting next Monday.  You can more easily access this area by using the north entrance to the Waubonsee campus, and staying left when driving through the roadways.  Our starting and ending times will remain the same, and reminder to all Varsity athletes, that we will be using the weight room at Harter Middle School on Mondays, following the run.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BLOCK 1: June 11 to July 8

Our conditioning program is now in full swing, and we have been seeing upwards of 30-32 runners at each of the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday camp days.  Remember that we also run a track workout from 6:00-7:30am, on Fridays at KHS.  This week, Coach Baron will be back to work with our runners on this important speed work.

In Block 1, runners are beginning to slowly build up miles, and figuring out how to use the calendar to help them build a successful base for the fall seasons.  Keep in mind that each week, a runner should be writing in the total number of miles they run each day, and also include the important "soft miles" that they can add by biking or swimming for a sustained 15 minutes.  If they have questions about this, they should talk with a coach.  Remember that we encourage the use of the soft miles, but our expectation is that the total number of miles include NOT MORE than 20% of the "soft" variety.  80% of the total summer mileage needs to be miles run.

Block 1 lasts 4 weeks, ending on July 8.   Between now and July 8, our runners should be logging their miles, and paying attention to their totals each week.  If a runner is trying to earn a 400 miler shirt for the end of the summer training, he needs to amass 120 miles of running by July 8, in order to stay on schedule.  When Block 2 starts on July 9, there will begin a slight increase in weekly mileage so that the block goal of 135 miles can be met.  Older runners, with larger goals, will need to monitor their totals as well as how they are feeling physically, in order to ensure we are on the right track toward starting the season feeling GREAT, and not burnt out.  We cap summer miles for this very reason...

Saturday Breakfast Runs Scheduled

Our Saturday Breakfast Runs are already starting to get on the calendar.  Our first of the season will be on Saturday, June 30th, and is hosted by the Meisenger Family.  Details and an address are forthcoming.  Start time will be 8:00am.  This one will be close to home for the Sugar Grove runners, but is open to all.

Additionally, a breakfast run hosted by the Albano's and Johnson's is scheduled for Saturday, July 21st.  As this date approaches, more details will also be posted here.  Elburn area runners will enjoy the shorter drive, this time.

Breakfast runs are simply a run with teammates, followed by a breakfast spread provided by one or more families.  This is a great chance to meet the boys on the team, and get to know some of the faces you'll see a lot more of in the fall!  As always, the coaching staff thanks all who participate, and regret not being able to partake in the run and foods.  Should anyone care to sign up for a different date, please contact Coach Clarey.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Conditioning Starts June 11!

Our Summer Conditioning program begins on Monday, June 11th at Waubonsee Community College.  We will meet in the first parking lot on the right, when you enter at the south entrance.  We will meet at 6am, and conclude at 7:30.  Varsity runners who are able should report to the HS for weight conditioning.

Camp continues on Wednesday, June 13th, at the Lily Lake Bike Path.  Take Rt. 47 North to Rt. 38, and turn left.  The first right (Woosley Road) is 200 yards up the hill.  We will meet right at the bike path.  Pick up again will be at 7:30.

Thursday mornings, we vary our locations.  Runners can meet at KHS at 6am.  We will carpool to differing sites.  On June 14, we will head to Nelson Lake to run.  The parking lot we use is on Main Street, using the first driveway on the right, after the stoplight at Mill Creek Drive.

Further directions are available from the coaching staff.