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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Saturday Breakfast Runs Scheduled!

The first Saturday Breakfast Run is set for this week (on June 30th), at John Meisenger's house.  Please join John for a morning run at 8:00am, followed by breakfast provided by his family.  The Meisenger Family can be found in Sugar Grove, at 708 Stonehill Court.  Phone contact information includes the family home number: 630-466-5020, and John's cell is 630-301-9051, should families have any further questions.

Remember that the Johnson and Albano Families are hosting a Saturday Breakfast Run on July 21st, in Elburn.  And Joe and Will Kuipers will host a run on Saturday, July 28th at 7:00am.  You can find the Kuipers at 1N318 Watson Road, in Maple Park (which is about 2 miles or less from KHS).

Our summer runners are encouraged to join their teammates and fellow campers on these days, to continue to build their base, work toward team cohesion, and put some carbs back in the tank after a strong week of training.  This is one more way that our families continue to promote, support, and enjoy being part of the Kaneland Cross Country Community.  Thank you VERY much!

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