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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BLOCK 1: June 11 to July 8

Our conditioning program is now in full swing, and we have been seeing upwards of 30-32 runners at each of the Monday, Wednesday, Thursday camp days.  Remember that we also run a track workout from 6:00-7:30am, on Fridays at KHS.  This week, Coach Baron will be back to work with our runners on this important speed work.

In Block 1, runners are beginning to slowly build up miles, and figuring out how to use the calendar to help them build a successful base for the fall seasons.  Keep in mind that each week, a runner should be writing in the total number of miles they run each day, and also include the important "soft miles" that they can add by biking or swimming for a sustained 15 minutes.  If they have questions about this, they should talk with a coach.  Remember that we encourage the use of the soft miles, but our expectation is that the total number of miles include NOT MORE than 20% of the "soft" variety.  80% of the total summer mileage needs to be miles run.

Block 1 lasts 4 weeks, ending on July 8.   Between now and July 8, our runners should be logging their miles, and paying attention to their totals each week.  If a runner is trying to earn a 400 miler shirt for the end of the summer training, he needs to amass 120 miles of running by July 8, in order to stay on schedule.  When Block 2 starts on July 9, there will begin a slight increase in weekly mileage so that the block goal of 135 miles can be met.  Older runners, with larger goals, will need to monitor their totals as well as how they are feeling physically, in order to ensure we are on the right track toward starting the season feeling GREAT, and not burnt out.  We cap summer miles for this very reason...

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