Welcome to Kaneland Cross Country!

The purpose of this blogsite is to allow full access to the team, practices, history, and future events. Please check back with this blog throughout the summer and fall for new updates on the team. Feel free to share it with friends and family who follow the program!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cole's Run is Coming Up on July 9th! Come Join Us

The IHSA allows for 25 "contact days" to practice the skill of the sport of cross country. Our 25th day may be the most special of all.

Cole Rutter, a senior on this fall's team, will be leading a fund raising team on Saturday, July 9th at Gunnar Anderson Forest Preserve in Geneva.  "Cole's Crew" has a LINK to register for this 5K Walk/Run.  Adults who register will pay $20, and students are $15.  This price includes a shirt, and a lot more fun at the event.  Children, and young children are FREE!

It would be a very awesome start to our July training, if we could have as many team members as possible come and run to support Cole and his family.

If you have any questions, please contact Julie Rutter (Cole's Mom) at 630-347-5118 or Dan Rutter (Cole's Dad) at 630-802-0028.

Gunnar Anderson Forest Preserve is just off of Rt. 31 in Geneva, in the back parking lot where many of us pay our tax bills.  The address is 719 S Batavia Ave, Geneva, IL 60134

You can register the day of the event, but using the link above is best.  Plan on arriving at the forest preserve at about 8:20.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Mileage Logs Going Google

In order for coaches to be able to monitor the progress of athletes while training, athletes can keep us up to date by using the LINK to our new Google Doc Training Log.  Summer runners should open up the Google Doc, go to File - Make a Copy, then add their own name to the top of the document and SHARE it with the coaches.

There will be paper calendars shared with runners to help keep that visual reminder out in the kitchen, bedroom, or wherever your athlete decides to showcase his summer efforts.  We encourage parents to look at the calendars and the subsequent mileage totals, keeping in mind that miles should not increase by more than 10% from one week to the next.

Remember also that "soft miles" of sustained biking or swimming for 15 minutes will count toward a mile on the total.  These are great ways to cross train this summer, and are highly encouraged. Athletes should look to add to their totals DAILY with these opportunities.

The end goal is a well developed base for training when the cross country season begins on August 10th.  As always, if you have questions, please contact your coaches.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pop Up Storm This Morning - Camp Canceled

There's a pop up thunderstorm heading toward Virgil and Lily Lake where we are to run. It's small in size, however with the lightning accociated with it, we are going to cancel. Families and athletes counting on work near 8am would be impacted as well.  Please get out and run for  40 minutes today, or get soft miles by biking and swimming for an hour.

We will reconvene at KHS on Thursday at 6:00am, with high schoolers doing weights afterward.

Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Connect With Our Camps

The process of getting registered for the summer conditioning camp should be easy.  Finding the links and forms seems to be a bit of a struggle these days, as everything goes electronic.  If you already have online accounts with the school district, please use this LINK to the Summer Recreation page on the high school website to get registered.

Others may like to go "old school," and simply use the paper form.  What you will need for this similar registration, you can find here: CAMPS LIST AND PAPER FORM

Once you have gotten registered, please use the following ways to stay connected to our program for camp details, reminders, weather updates, and team plans:

1.  TEAM TEXTS:  Receive texts from Coach Clarey regarding the details above by doing the following on your cell phones:
2.  FOLLOW COACH ON TWITTER:  After setting up a Twitter account (super easy, and SO valuable!) you can make Coach Clarey your first "follow."  You will search for @coachclarey and then simply click "follow."  You'll get many more team related updates, news, pictures and more with this technical connection. It's well worth your time to add this to your computer's bookmarks or your cellular device. If you're not sure how to get a Twitter account, simply ask your son or daughter to help you. It's similar to signing up for an email account.

3.  KEEP THIS TEAM WEBSITE BOOKMARKED:  As often as possible, but more likely a weekly endeavor (unless it storms), there will be posts, news, and more added to this team blog dedicated to Kaneland Cross Country.

As always, you have access directly to coaches using the other phone numbers provided as well.

Looking forward to a great summer and fall with these Knights!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Welcome to Summer Running!

The Kaneland Cross Country program begins another historic season, at both middle school and high school levels, this week.  The foundation of our success is built upon a great summer of conditioning. Your coaches will continue to work with all athletes, to help them create the best balance of summer training so that the fall meets your expectations. Every runner working toward a personal best is the simple philosophy of this summer work.

Please talk with your coach about what approach you should take to your miles for the summer. Our goal is to get runners in shape, and to build a base upon which our fall miles will sharpen and allow for peak performances in October and perhaps November.

This summer, please come back to the blog for articles related to running, and also for updates on camp. There could be days that we do not run due to inclement weather. Please consult the blog, or follow Coach Clarey on Twitter:  @coachclarey

Let's start the summer running program with consistency, by making it all four days each week. This is what makes the biggest difference between a good summer and a great one!