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Monday, June 13, 2016

How To Connect With Our Camps

The process of getting registered for the summer conditioning camp should be easy.  Finding the links and forms seems to be a bit of a struggle these days, as everything goes electronic.  If you already have online accounts with the school district, please use this LINK to the Summer Recreation page on the high school website to get registered.

Others may like to go "old school," and simply use the paper form.  What you will need for this similar registration, you can find here: CAMPS LIST AND PAPER FORM

Once you have gotten registered, please use the following ways to stay connected to our program for camp details, reminders, weather updates, and team plans:

1.  TEAM TEXTS:  Receive texts from Coach Clarey regarding the details above by doing the following on your cell phones:
2.  FOLLOW COACH ON TWITTER:  After setting up a Twitter account (super easy, and SO valuable!) you can make Coach Clarey your first "follow."  You will search for @coachclarey and then simply click "follow."  You'll get many more team related updates, news, pictures and more with this technical connection. It's well worth your time to add this to your computer's bookmarks or your cellular device. If you're not sure how to get a Twitter account, simply ask your son or daughter to help you. It's similar to signing up for an email account.

3.  KEEP THIS TEAM WEBSITE BOOKMARKED:  As often as possible, but more likely a weekly endeavor (unless it storms), there will be posts, news, and more added to this team blog dedicated to Kaneland Cross Country.

As always, you have access directly to coaches using the other phone numbers provided as well.

Looking forward to a great summer and fall with these Knights!

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