Welcome to Kaneland Cross Country!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Welcome to Summer Running!

The Kaneland Cross Country program begins another historic season, at both middle school and high school levels, this week.  The foundation of our success is built upon a great summer of conditioning. Your coaches will continue to work with all athletes, to help them create the best balance of summer training so that the fall meets your expectations. Every runner working toward a personal best is the simple philosophy of this summer work.

Please talk with your coach about what approach you should take to your miles for the summer. Our goal is to get runners in shape, and to build a base upon which our fall miles will sharpen and allow for peak performances in October and perhaps November.

This summer, please come back to the blog for articles related to running, and also for updates on camp. There could be days that we do not run due to inclement weather. Please consult the blog, or follow Coach Clarey on Twitter:  @coachclarey

Let's start the summer running program with consistency, by making it all four days each week. This is what makes the biggest difference between a good summer and a great one!

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