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Sunday, August 14, 2016

North Steals Inaugural KXC Olympic Title

The Summer Olympic Games in Rio inspired a new brand of competition for our KXC team.  As we took our first weekend practice of the season to a new site, we spent the majority of our morning working on building camaraderie by competing for team accolades.

Team standings were based on five points being awarded for gold, three for silver, and one for bronze. In the event of ties, a playoff was held.

North’s Sam Webster launched himself into the record books with a 77.3 meter toss in the Frisbee Golf Long Distance event. Teammate Kevin Jablonski earned silver, and South’s newcomer Blake Finn earned bronze. Sam won the event by nearly 60 feet.

Using the same implement, but with pinpoint accuracy, South’s Kyle Konrad edged out North’s Kyle Wells in the Frisbee Golf Accuracy contest. Along with Peyton Heiser (South), the three tied in the preliminary round at three makes each. In the finals, Konrad repeated his feat of dropping three in the basket for gold. Wells fell one short to earn silver, while Heiser settled happily for bronze.

Our first team competition was dominated by the South in an undermanned match where they hustled on defense and used precision passing to earn a 6-1 victory, securing five valuable points.

Coach Franklin introduced us to a new game of Dart Shot, using a modified slingshot and rockets. North freshman Jack Holder launched a gold medal winning effort just 7.8 feet from the target. Teammate Drake Nemec earned silver, edging South’s Aidan Lodwig by just 4 inches.

Working on push ups all summer paid off for the three medalists. South’s Anthony Messina used excellent form and sheer strength to earn the gold by outlasting North’s Ben Purcell (silver) and Drake Nemec (bronze).

Transitioning to another team event, the South rose to the occasion again, by outlasting the North in a spirited game that ended with a score of 6-4.

Heading into the final event, the medals and points were tallied and it was revealed that the score stood tied with 23 points each.

The North sent Ben Purcell, Sam Webster, Jacob Petrik, Jacob Weilgos, and Henry Nosek to the Olympic Relay with high hopes for making history.

In the final exchange, Henry Nosek’s bear crawl proved lethal to the South’s chances at a team victory. North claimed the title of Olympic Champion with a 28-23 advantage.
Given the fun and memories made today, we anticipate making these KXC Olympic Games an annual event to build teamwork, friendships, and competitive spirit.

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