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Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicago Trip Update

I'm disappointed to share that we will not be heading to the city today.  For those of you reading the blog this morning, I've been struggling heavily with this decision.  Radar shows that there is consistent precipitation in the area, and slowly moving in the direction of where we are to head this morning.  Without a specific place to shelter our 20+ backpacks from the elements, the fact that I needed to get a mom to cover for absent coaches (both had prior commitments), and the diverse needs of our team heading into the big city of CHICAGO, I've decided to pull the plug on the trip in. Supervision and safety are paramount on a trip like this, and given what I'm up against as a coach, I need to make this call.  (hard as it is, because I loved the trip a year ago) 

Our Plan B rests on meeting in the parking lot of the train station.  I'm still heading over there soon, because not everyone will know to look at the blog today.  We will run our workout, play Ultimate Frisbee in Elburn, and go have breakfast at Papa G's or the Country Kettle.  I estimate our morning workout, and all that comes after it to be complete at around 9am. 

My apologies for the disappointment.  We'll make it a great day, regardless.

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