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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Knights Closing on the Ranked Field Ahead of Us, 2nd at "Regional of Death"

The most important statistic at Saturday’s Regional was the fact that we advanced to the Sectional. We ran hard in the slosh of Elburn Woods, having a little bit of fun with the puddles and mud, mixed with the sweat and agony.

Every team including our own has had ups and downs with injuries and keeping a healthy team on the course. Saturday was no different. We could analyze the results all day long, but the one important factor that remains is that we are gelling at just the right time, and we are going to be ready as an underdog on Saturday in Woodstock.

Richtman and Kintz kicked off the first mile at the Woods running sub 5:00 first miles. This wouldn’t be uncommon if it were not for that 200 meters of hill in the middle. Richtman continued on to out lean the CLC #2 runner in a PR finish. Kintz closed very strong and also ran a PR on the final run at The Woods, netting an 8th place pumpkin in the process.

More important points came from seniors Spaetzel and Kuipers. Just :05 apart, they continue to excel in October. Spaetzel raced to a 14th place pumpkin, Kuipers to a :28 PR at home. Will beat every other team’s #4, and made up points on CLC ahead of us.

The power of running in pairs really spurred on Kantola and Kainrath. Andrew’s hip was fine, as he also ran down a 1:03 PR, with Matt knocking :22 off his previous best at Eddington.
Kurz capped our awesome morning with his own great finish ahead of PR’s #5 and 14 other scoring runners. His leadership, consistency, and commitment to excellence are hard to match.

We are closing the gap on many teams, late in the race. We took another week to figure out a good race plan, and how to surge forward together. There will be teams who try to change up what they do next week in order to “Get Down” with a State Finals berth. We must remain consistent, and team up. Every  man will count in this next weekend’s results. Prepare by supporting one another, and get ready for a big finish. You are ready.

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