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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Frosh Soph team finishes 6th, Varsity 9th at Charger Classic

The long weeks of conditioning, and the loaded menu of workouts have taken their toll. Our Knight packs looked thin, and a bit sluggish at Oakhurst Forest Preserve this weekend. We had a recent conversation as  a team about how the season resembles charging up  and down a huge hill. When you get to the peak, you’re pretty exhausted, but as you start going down the other side, you’re going to pick up momentum. Prepare to do this, starting this week.

The core of leadership that comes from our varsity roster once again gave their last ounces of effort on the course. Reger, Kuipers, Walker and Kurz have been mainstays in the lineup all season. Their dedication and  organization of the team are perfect examples to mirror. Joining in this week were Kintz and Lesak, running their first meets of the season with controlled race plans. Kintz began his run with a 2 second delay, prescribed and explained well by Coach Mordini. Once he started passing, he never really took the foot off the gas pedal. In his first ever cross country race, he finished 22nd in 16:16. 

Running to a course PR, were Reger (:29 faster than 2013), Kuipers (:58 better), and Walker who was :40 faster than his career best when he last ran ACC in ‘12. Kurz put on a strong kick to finish as our fifth runner this week, notching one of his fastest mile paces of the season. Andrew Lesak joined our ranks again and executed his race plan perfectly. Each week is a stepping stone to something bigger, and we are elated that he is courageously working to win his “Battle of 6.” Gale equaled his PR at ACC, and Nick Moses ran his fastest race pace of the season on the smooth flat course.

The frosh soph squad used the delayed start to collectively pass over 500 runners. The 6th place finish came with Top 30 finishes from Kantola, Messina and Webster. Kantola improved his ‘13 time by 2:25! Messina notched a new PR for the course, running :80 faster. Season’s best mile paces also came from Nosek, Girolamo and Wojak. Wells finished in the top 2/3 to help push for the team. 6th place was also the highest finish by a frosh soph team at the Charger Classic, since we began going to the meet in 2011.

As the temperatures rose, it became more challenging to set new PR’s for mile pace. Peyton Heiser managed his PR pace for the season, finishing the Open in 63rd place. Wilk and Kasap each ran their fastest times of the season, and O’Sullivan is getting stronger each week.  While it was a long wait, to finally get to the Open, we need to do a better job of getting up and moving around. Tired bodies lying all over camp for 90 minutes is never a promising sign. We'll work on that.  The fatigue was evident, but we are going to get fresher, faster, and a full lineup soon. Be prepared to focus at a much higher level in Freeport, as there are team trophies within our reach.

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