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Sunday, September 21, 2014

KXC Families Show True Colors - "Neon Green Team"

In addition to being able to boast good times on our new course, it is especially noteworthy to reflect upon the huge endeavor that we just finished off as a family. The Larry Eddington Invitational was a tremendous success because of the hard work of a multitude of entities, most notably the “Neon Green Team” of KXC parents who helped us pull of the single largest sporting event in KHS history. 

With more than 1300 athletes from 25 (each) boys and girls teams, we were able to set a new standard of excellence. The coaches and fans had rave reviews for the way our new course ran so efficiently, and with greater chances to view the field of elite runners. Our deepest thanks and admiration from the coaching staff for your selfless acts of meeting on Friday and carrying out roles so beautifully on Saturday. 

Some of you may have noticed there were some different faces in the mix of parents who came out to assist with the meet.  When in need, our extended KXC Family came back to help ensure the level of excellence that our school is known for, with regard to hosting meets and invitationals, remained intact.  There were a handful of  (not too) "old school" KXC parents who came back to assist with a meet they reflect very fondly upon. You can see why Eddington is our Homecoming of sorts.

We appreciate every ounce of your effort to help with shirts, turns, bus parking, and every other job we offered. It would be impossible for us to carry this meet out at the level of excellence demonstrated on Saturday, were it not for our KXC Family. We are all truly blessed, and the coaching staff and administration are very thankful for you sharing of time and talent.

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