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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Silver Bone Goes to 'Dogs, but Throwback Knight Complete with 18 new PR's

The third annual Silver Bone Classic was one to remember. Not for the magnificent weather, or the vintage jerseys being worn. Rather, it’s for the epic night of PR’s on our “slow” course. You all made the most of the lack of wind traditionally found at Kaneland, and the tough competition.

Webster kicked things off, battling the Bulldogs the entire way, and avoiding a sweep of the top 5 places to Red. His was the first of 18 course PR’s on the knight. (pun intended)

Nosek and Messina finished off in a similar manner, both notching top 10 placement. Heiser and Wells pushed from the back to complete scoring, each better than 1:00 over their time at Eddington.

Wojak measured up a :43 PR, and Nance established a new career best for 3 miles in 19:41. Girolamo equaled his PR from Eddington, and O’Sullivan put up a huge PR, running 2:11 better than in September.

Cole Rutter demonstrated the courage that most knights would dream to have. There is no place he would rather be than in the lineup, and despite the pain and discomfort that comes to him, he refuses to let the Battle of 6 take him down. Proud of you, Cole!

Our JV runners met the challenge that a :20 pack split from the Bulldogs provided. French set a :48 PR, and Kurz pulled off a new career 3 mile best in 18:03. That’s a heck of a first season of cross for Zach. Murri had painful doubts at the starting line, was given 1000 meters to decide if he could finish. He nearly matched his PR on the season, missing by :02. Great heart!

Smith crushed his Eddington time by 2:37 and his PR for 3 miles. Gale bettered his ‘13 Silver Bone time by :35. Moses rocked his PR by :59 and Kasap once again annihilated his PR for the course.

Piazza was the biggest winner of the Knight, with a course PR of almost a half mile. Gingrich followed suit, nearly matching a career best. Wolfe dropped 1:29 on the season best effort at home, and Osborne was just :04 off of his PR pace, without the benefit of teammates or Bulldogs to pull him along. THAT is a hard thing to do! Way to go, KO. We are very proud of you!

Excellent effort from all of you. You should be very proud of your finishes. Your coaches are. Special thanks to our new Kaneland AD on seeing how much tradition matters to our program. He realizes how Kaneland celebrates its past, and thrives in the present. We'll get him in orange and black, one day.... 

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