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Monday, October 20, 2014

White Knights Close Gap on NIB XII State Ranked Teams

Good cooks will always tweak a recipe to make it even better. Such is the case when evaluating the changes in our workouts, annually. Once again, you’ve proven to have a savory conference meet.
Kintz and Park notched their first ever All Conference Cross Country performances by settling into an elite pack, and taking advantage of their surges. Kintz made a great move to the front of his pack, and rode the wave of energy. Park battled from behind and willed himself to the equivalent of his PR at Peoria.

Reger nearly met his PR as well, and had a courageous run in 21st place. Spaetzel is getting better at just the right time and net 25th, with Kuipers on his heels in PR fashion. Walker and Lesak had the most impressive results as pushers, beating #10 Ranked Sterling’s 5th runner. Walker, his career best 3 mile run.

In our next course, the FS squad gave a great run at the Foxes, with Richtman cruising to the overall title, and Kantola surging his way to 2nd in the last mile of the race. Webster used a tremendous surge before the mile mark to put himself in front of the chase pack, and Nosek followed suit. In the end, they ran new PR’s, earning Top 10 ribbons. Messina rallied late to complete scoring with 5 in the top 12 finishers. Wells and Wojak took new PR’s on the day, both finishing in the top half of all runners.

In the dessert portion of our menu, the Open Runners feasted upon the conference foes, racking up 6 Top 15 finishes and 9 new PR’s. French led the crew’s :43 pack split with a 5th place run. Kurz followed shortly after with a :31 PR. Jared Murri ran a very tough 8th in just his third race of the season. Gale earned a Top 10 ribbon, and Heiser crushed his PR by 1:55 to earn 13th. Huge finish for Smith, also took 1:04 off of his previous PR.

A wave of career best races came in order, from Girolamo (:10 faster), Moses (:29), O’Sullivan (1:18) and Kasap (2:33). Josh shrugged off a sore knee and simply raced like a senior, winning his own Battle of 6.

Parks finished his season in 39th place, with Gingrich (:36), Piazza and Wolfe (:02) netting new PR’s. Osborne had another inspiring finish, and Cole Rutter established his new full 3 mile PR.
Your recipe for success includes determination, dedication, a will to compete, and a camaraderie which has been present all season. Keep it up.

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